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Help camallanus worms!?

Question by TM: Help camallanus worms!?
Has anyone successfully treated camallanus worms? My big tank is infected and I already lost one fish. I would like to know what product works best. I have a 55 gallon tank with Rainbows, Barbs, Killies, Danios, and Corys. I have another tank I can move the Corys while I’m treating if necessary since I know they’re sensitive. Any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks! I tried it and on the first dose I got rid of a lot of worms. Everyone seems to have perked up too.

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Answer by Darwin Ahoy
Fenbendazole. You can get it from a vet. It’s also under the name Panacur. It’s sold for dogs, and you can sometimes get it OTC for horses. The dosage and treatment on one site was:

“Dissolve 3CC of powdered Fenbendazole in 100ml of water.
Mix well, then add as many bloodworms as you need to feed your fish. Soak for 30 mins to 1 hour, then dump the entire container in the tank, water and all.
It seemed to really soak into the bloodworms, changing them to a slightly lighter and grayish color tone.
I fed the fish 2x A Day for 2 days.
Within 36 hours, all worms have withered and dropped away from the affected fish.
Within 48 hours, I could find no remaining fish with Camallanus Worms protuding.
I followed up with a good gravel vac and a large water change.
I repeat this treatment in 2 weeks time, and then again in 2 weeks following if need be.”

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赤虫を食べるメダカくん【 Ricefishes eating red worms 】

画像がボケる時は更新ボタンをクリックしてみて下さい。 ミニ睡蓮鉢にわいていた赤虫たちをつかまえて、メダカくんにあげてみました。 やはり新鮮な餌は美味しいのでしょうか、喜んで食べていますね♪ この動画を掲載した記事がこちらです↓

Ahhhhhhhhh worms!!

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10 day old Nothobranchius furzeri fry eating grindal worms

Nothobranchius furzeri are the shortest living vertebrates. They are an annual fish from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This clip shows 11 day old furzeri fry feeding on grindal worms. This is the original Gona-Re-Zhou strain collected in 1969. See

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Dageti feeding blood worms

a voracidade deste peixinho é quase uma piranha … huahuahuaha é hora do rango que hora mais feliz …