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Tips for fluking on NJ party boats.?

Question by NewYorkSports: Tips for fluking on NJ party boats.?
I was wondering what kind of wind directions, temperatures, and tides do you want to look for to find the best day to go out? Also what is the best part of the boat? What are the best techniques for catching fish and making sure you on the bottom? And what is the best bait (live killies, spearing, or squid)?

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Answer by kbhiltsley
That’s a lot of questions for a short course on NJ partyboat fluking.

Leave the wind, temp and tides up to the Captain. He’ll know where to go under various conditions.

Depending on how the Captain normally positions the boat for the drift, position can be ralative. I generally like the bow position, as it usually gives the most freedom of movement, and least chance of a hang-up and crossed lines.

The Captain or mates will generally advise you of the weight sinkers needed to assure you’re drifting on the bottom. If in doubt, ask.

As to baits, the best rig/baits we’ve found are a double fluke rig with large gold spinner blades and 1/0 gold wide gap hooks. Off each hook, we hang a strip of squid AND a good sized spearing or killie. The double bait combination really works!!

Good luck.

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Q&A: Fishing tips for beginner mom.?

Question by njmommie: Fishing tips for beginner mom.?
This summer I am looking for fun things to do with my children. My husband works all day & hates fish and everything fishing. I remember as a kid I went fishing with my uncle and had some really fun times. That was “years” ago and I bearly remember anything. I do remember we used live bait I think it was called killies(sp?). I plan on buying us all some cheap fishing gear to start just to see how it goes before investing in the good equipment. We will go to New Jersey’s shoreline pier. Now for that area I am clueless as to what I’ll be fishing for as well as how even to tell the fish apart should I actuallu catch any. I am I’m pretty much looking for a lot of tips tricks & advice that would help us out.

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Answer by websterjdjr
Just take the kids out can rent fishing gear and drinks and snacks are nearby..lots of friendly advice too

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