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Do these sea creatures go well together? or will they get smoked?

Question by Gabrielle: Do these sea creatures go well together? or will they get smoked?
I’m thinking of getting a fish tank, therefore, I am scouting my options, finding which sorts of fish appeal to me. I have chosen several types and because of my inherent lack of experience, I was wondering if someone with considerable knowledge on the subject could help me out.
The breeds I chose are the following:
~ crabs
~ corydoras catfish
~kribensis cichlid
~ jack dempsey cichlid
~white cloud mountain minnows
~three stripe cory

Would these choices work in an eight gallon tank?

Best answer:

Answer by Jacob Virginia
NOOOOO lol. wayyy to many fish for an 8 gallon you would need at least a 50 gallon and then you still may have problems with agression. Also because that would stunt the fishes growth and slowly kill them

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bala shark and albino rainbow shark, are these fish compatible?

Question by puppyrjjkm: bala shark and albino rainbow shark, are these fish compatible?
someone told me to do this with my fish. i have all these fish but in different tank/stock orders..

will a bala shark and an albino rainbow shark get along?

50 Gallon:
1 Pleco
1 Bala Shark
1 Albino Rainbow Shark
3 Killifish
2 Marble Hatchets
2 Pearl Gouramis
3 Long-Finned Blue Danios
can i put some other fish in here from the 29? the 29 seems overstocked

29 Gallon:
3 Phantom Tetras
3 Neon Tetras
1 Glowlight Tetra
6 Blue/Black Tetras
2 Black Skirt Tetras
3 Lemon Tetras
6 Dalmatian Mollies (2 adults, 4 babies 8 months old)
3 Rosy Red Minnows (i have 6 so?)

10 Gallon:
3 Corydoras Catfish
6 Zebra Danios? are they okay in this small of tank? very active

5 gallon
1 male betta
4 ghost shrimp

other suggestions of certain fish in certain tanks?

Best answer:

Answer by nosoop4u246
You have an almost innumerable amount of problems… I’ll go in the same order you posted them in…

For the 55… A Bala and Rainbow should do fine together– they’ll rarely encounter one another due to their preferred swimming area. However, Bala Sharks are schooling fish, and get more than a foot long each. If you’re keeping less than 5 together, you can safely consider yourself irresponsible. They should have no less than 5 in nothing less than a 6 foot long tank. Hatchets and Danios are also schooling fish, so I’d suggest you get about 6 more of each, bringing your totals to 8 and 9, respectively.

29… All Tetras are schooling fish, and you’ve got 5 incomplete Tetra schools, and one adequate school. There is no way you’ll ever be able to complete 5 schools in such a small tank, so I’d suggest you add to the tank by subtracting. Get rid of all but one or two schools, and make sure you’ve got 6+ of each of the two remaining species. Rosy Reds are schooling, too, but this is less important than the Tetras, as they’ll tolerate less social interaction. Mollies are actual brackish water fish, and keeping them in freshwater often leads to health issues, including– but not limited to– fungus, fin rot, Ich, velvet, and the like; it’s not fun, so I’d suggest you replace ALL your Mollies with Platies, which look similar, but need no salt.

10… This is fine, even a bit understocked. Consider taking ONE of the extra Tetra schools from the 29 gallon tank and moving them in here; as always, you’ll want at least 6 (in this case, no more than 7 or 8 if you choose a smaller species) to make a healthy school. The Danios will be fine in a 10 gallon, though a larger one would be ideal.

5… Don’t change a thing.

The only tank you’d really even have a chance of adding to (other than moving a school of Tetras into the 10 gallon) would be the 55, and even then you’ll have to be careful. Rainbow Sharks are extremely territorial, particularly with their own species, or similar species. You could try a group of 5-8 Glass Catfish, or a single Firemouth Cichlid, if you prefer, but I’d not try much more… you’re walking a fine line in that tank.

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How much should I feed these fish?

Question by .:*JimBOB*:.: How much should I feed these fish?
I want to know how much and how often to feed:

1 Albino BN Pleco
1 Killifish
1 Female betta
2 Gouramis
3 Angelfish
12 Different types of tetra (Black neon, neon and rummynose)
4 Bumblebee gobies

I have a timetable and it has a variety of tropical granules, frozen bloodworms, and live blackworms, rotifers and brine shrimp (All in 1 packet) I feed them twice a day, in the morning and at night. Is this enough, too less, or too much?

Thanks in advance,


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Answer by pipman23
Feed only once a day, whatever your fish can consume in 2-3 minutes. If you want to feed them twice a day, then 1-2 minutes per serving. Fish will continue to eat when full because in the wild they don’t eat everyday, so when food is plentiful, they gorge themselves. You as an owner of fish must control the amount for fish to be healthy and thrive. Overfeeding will cause most fish to have swim bladder problems.

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Q&A: How much are these three fish at pet stores?

Question by sheed: How much are these three fish at pet stores?
1. A Parrot Cichlid
2. A Killifish
3. A Discus
My local fish store does not carry these, so I was just curious about how much these fish are and where I can find them.
I ordered a hood from my local fish store and they wanted to charge me 20 dollars more than what it was online. They must have been mad when I didn’t get it lol. I think I will wait and see if any other store gets these fish.

Best answer:

Answer by kouneli
All of them depend on the coloration and species. The parrot cichlids…I’ve seen them as cheap as , but as expensive as (full grown and a blood parrot). Killifish…cheap as , as expensive as . Discus…cheap as , as expensive as .

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Q&A: Can these fish be put together?

Question by Turkeylegs: Can these fish be put together?
I am getting a bigger tank. I currently have 5 platies and a panda garra which are going to be moved into it. I am also looking to get a few more fish. I don’t want to hear anything about the 1″ per gallon guideline here, which is why I haven’t mentioned the size of my new tank because I know they’re the only answers I will get which isn’t what I’m looking for!

All I want to know is if platies, panda garras, dwarf gouramis, pearl gouramis, killifish and angelfish will be ok together or if there will be any problems. Also are any of those likely to harm my panda garra? And are there any other pretty fish which could be added to the mix without any problems?
I am not saying the size of the tank because I am not asking if I can put them in there or not! …I just want to know if there would be any problems with any of them if I did! I just want to know if they’re compatible or not!

Best answer:

Answer by Alison L.
Yes they should not have any problems. As long as you don’t put a betta in with them. I have a lot of those fish and they are together and nothing happens. It should be fine!

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