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Help camallanus worms!?

Question by TM: Help camallanus worms!?
Has anyone successfully treated camallanus worms? My big tank is infected and I already lost one fish. I would like to know what product works best. I have a 55 gallon tank with Rainbows, Barbs, Killies, Danios, and Corys. I have another tank I can move the Corys while I’m treating if necessary since I know they’re sensitive. Any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks! I tried it and on the first dose I got rid of a lot of worms. Everyone seems to have perked up too.

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Answer by Darwin Ahoy
Fenbendazole. You can get it from a vet. It’s also under the name Panacur. It’s sold for dogs, and you can sometimes get it OTC for horses. The dosage and treatment on one site was:

“Dissolve 3CC of powdered Fenbendazole in 100ml of water.
Mix well, then add as many bloodworms as you need to feed your fish. Soak for 30 mins to 1 hour, then dump the entire container in the tank, water and all.
It seemed to really soak into the bloodworms, changing them to a slightly lighter and grayish color tone.
I fed the fish 2x A Day for 2 days.
Within 36 hours, all worms have withered and dropped away from the affected fish.
Within 48 hours, I could find no remaining fish with Camallanus Worms protuding.
I followed up with a good gravel vac and a large water change.
I repeat this treatment in 2 weeks time, and then again in 2 weeks following if need be.”

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Fish Ich! Help!!! BGK?

Question by Alex P: Fish Ich! Help!!! BGK?
My Black Knife Literally just added in the last 30 minutes I noticed had ich. So first off is the tank and its other mates of a pea cock eel, neon tetras, and killies, contaminated? And how do I treat a scaleless fish for ich?

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Answer by dallas
the easiest way to treat the ich parasite is to simply turn the heat on
if you raise the heat in your tank to 86 degrees for 2 weeks you will kill the parasite and its eggs

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I bought a fish and this is what happens???? i need help?

Question by Tony: I bought a fish and this is what happens???? i need help?
Well I bought this guppy and it was .99 and it was in a tank with other guppies but they do not have a tag to where how much it was but it had a tag to killiefish for .99 and i went to the cashier and i paid for it and when i went home I was like wow i payed this much for just one fish??? so i looked in my receipt and it said killiefish???? I was shocked…The lady wrote in the wrong numbers for the cashier to type in and this guppy has died so what can i do??? if i bring it back and they said that this is not the killiefish its a guppy??? and what am i suppose to do?

sorry i may not make sense but hope you guys get what im trying to say and please no rude comments.

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Answer by George Guy
first of all TONNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! second of all fight them

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Can anyone help me identify this fish?

Question by Vegan4life nomer: Can anyone help me identify this fish?
ok, I was at the fish store and say this pretty fish. I don’t have a picture though. :(
It was about 3/4 of an inch long and had kinda a killifish shapped body, only much smaller. It’s fins where red and its body was silver with red stripes.
That is not the fish, that is the body shape the fish has.
Can anybody tell me what it is?
That is not the fish in the picture, it is a different fish with the same body shape.
Also, the stripes where going up and down, not side to side.
It does not look like the picture.
I basically looks exactly like the pic I posted BUT it has red fins and blue stripes on it’s body/ It is also very small. I know it is not a tetra, because it did not say tetra in the name, it was kinda a long name, so I don’t remember it, but it was not a tetra. They where also not schooling.

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Answer by Dylan K

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12 Gallon Tank Fighting? Help!?

Question by D’oh: 12 Gallon Tank Fighting? Help!?
I have a juvenile Striped Panchax Killifish, Dwarf Gourami, and two Julii Cories in my 12 gallon tank. The gourami picks on the killie a lot and is constantly chasing him. I tried lowering the temperature to 72 but that gourami will always be on the aggressive side; but not to the cories because the cories stay on the bottom while the other two are at the top. He’s scared the killie to the point where he’s constantly hiding. I want to get another fish that swims in the middle/top region so my killie won’t be a constant target, but it would have to be (a) small enough for me to not be overstocked, (b) fast enough to get away from the gourami, and (c) able to live without a school. Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Ronaldinho #2
u can get some neon tetra’s they are fast, small, and affordable

they come in many different colors


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