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Help camallanus worms!?

Question by TM: Help camallanus worms!?
Has anyone successfully treated camallanus worms? My big tank is infected and I already lost one fish. I would like to know what product works best. I have a 55 gallon tank with Rainbows, Barbs, Killies, Danios, and Corys. I have another tank I can move the Corys while I’m treating if necessary since I know they’re sensitive. Any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks! I tried it and on the first dose I got rid of a lot of worms. Everyone seems to have perked up too.

Best answer:

Answer by Darwin Ahoy
Fenbendazole. You can get it from a vet. It’s also under the name Panacur. It’s sold for dogs, and you can sometimes get it OTC for horses. The dosage and treatment on one site was:

“Dissolve 3CC of powdered Fenbendazole in 100ml of water.
Mix well, then add as many bloodworms as you need to feed your fish. Soak for 30 mins to 1 hour, then dump the entire container in the tank, water and all.
It seemed to really soak into the bloodworms, changing them to a slightly lighter and grayish color tone.
I fed the fish 2x A Day for 2 days.
Within 36 hours, all worms have withered and dropped away from the affected fish.
Within 48 hours, I could find no remaining fish with Camallanus Worms protuding.
I followed up with a good gravel vac and a large water change.
I repeat this treatment in 2 weeks time, and then again in 2 weeks following if need be.”

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