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Rainwater Killie and Bluefin Killie

This video by Jon Power shows both Lucania parva, and Lucania goodei

Lucania goodei (Bluefin Killifish)

Short video of my wild-caught Lucania goodei (Bluefin Killifish). I have about 18 of these guys in my 75g planted tank. They’ve done very well these past 2 months or so that i’ve had them. I have females (no colors in the fins), and males with two color variations – some have only blue in the dorsal and anal fin, and other males have both blue and orange in the dorsal and anal fins. Anyone know why this color difference?

Wild Bluefin Killifish

Short video of two of the male Lucania goodei (Bluefin Killifish) that I caught in Alligator Alley, Florida. Caught about 20 of them, both sexes – ended up keeping 5 for my aquarium…3 males and 2 females. They are doing great and show great colors. These two males were the only ones that would let me get them on camera…but they’re all doing great, sparring and displaying constantly, so i’m expecting them to breed soon!
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My rearing tank containing around 9 Fundulopanchax N’sukka Gold Killifish and 3 Leopard Danio’s (which must have sneaked in with the Killifish eggs as I had no idea they had bred aswell). The fish range from 3 weeks to 1 week old. Tank setup is a 2Gallon (10 Ltr) acrylic tank (designed for reptile use really) with an airpump powered sponge filter and 25w heater. Fish are fed on live baby brine shrimp which are cultivated in a homemade brine shrimp hatchery that runs off the same airpump.
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Where can I get Bluefin Notho Killifish?

Question by ellielovesjoey: Where can I get Bluefin Notho Killifish?
I’ve never seen them in a pet store or fish store.

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