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Q&A: Why are my rummynose tetras shy and hiding after weeks of shoaling and playing?

Question by Blackie: Why are my rummynose tetras shy and hiding after weeks of shoaling and playing?
I’ve had a rummynose for a few months now and added 3 (total = 4) they were all playful and shoaling and didn’t mind the group of cardinals and norman’s lampeye killies (which are all doing fine) but for some reason they’ve all lost their red nose and are huddled and shaking in a driftwood cave. What could have caused this? They were like this all morning and even after I removed one of my dying cardinals.

Maybe I’ve been sticking my hand in the tank too often to clean and rearrange plants?

Should I add one more rummynose? I really don’t have room in my tank as it is (10 gallon, 13 fish but majority are juvenile cardinals and 4 rummynose)

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Answer by Jason Kilander
They could be breeding or they might be sick check for parasites and fungal infections also check your chemical levels (alkalinity,ph,ammonia,etc. Also do not move stuff around in there tank they get comfortable in their environment and you move stuff around and you stress them out once in awhile its ok but not all the time keep your hands out

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Killifish tank 22G after pruning UPDATE:July1710

so this is the tank after pruning the excess cabomba and wisteria.

How do I get my ammonia. Levels to go down they are at1.0 plaza help it is a 55 us gallon tank already lost one killifish in a cycling process. In memerie of Jack the killing fish 23-4-10 to 26-4-10:(
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Killifish Tank after 1 month, no pruning

Killifish tank overflowing with excess plants, Nothing was done except a partial water change some 14 days ago. No algae issue or anything.
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