Rainwater Killie and Bluefin Killie

This video by Jon Power shows both Lucania parva, and Lucania goodei

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  • silverscreenname:

    From what I’ve read the Rainwater is really the same fish as the Bluefin except for prefering brackish water, is this correct? Also, do the Rainwater and Bluefins look similar enough to cause the males to flare their fins at each other?

  • sonetdug:

    Bluefins are just some of the neatest Killies and I loved having them. When I moved from Florida I lost all my natives, and hope some day to get some back. THanks for sharing them on video.


  • tglassburner:

    I have Lucania goodei already, and will hopefully be getting some L. parva soon.

    Great video, thanks Jon.

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