What are the most beautiful, hardy fish for a freshwater aquarium?

Question by riptide: What are the most beautiful, hardy fish for a freshwater aquarium?
I have had my 25 gal tank for a month now and am ready to add for fish! I am a beginner, so i need fish that aren’t too fragile. I already have gouramis, platies, and killifish. What is the most gorgeous fun fish i could add? Thanks!

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Answer by geoff3d
Beta fish are really hardy and some of the most beautiful fish you will ever see. I don’t know how well they get along with other fish though.

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  • Ray KS:


    They are really really hardy, not expensive, live with all kinds of abuse (of water conditions) and very colourful…
    They breed like crazy too. A pair of guppies got me started in fishkeeping many years ago, what started as one pair ended up being 12 tanks.

  • across_the_missouri:

    Ignore the betta one..he apparently dusnt no anything about fish. But no..weve had too many guppies.

    Get a loach, or a dragon fish. Maybe a freshwater gobi. OR! a crab or shrimp (even tho theyre not fish)


  • Jacinta:

    Oh god please don’t put a Betta fish in your tank. Betta fish are fighting fish and will kill your other fish.

    Well, before you choose more tank mates, you need to look at the fish you have now. Are they semi aggressive, or tropical community? Killifish, from what I’ve learned, are rather aggressive, and may eat smaller fish so you need to be careful with that. Gurammies can be also rather aggressive, unless you got the tropical community kind then their passive. Platies are also rather passive too, from the ones I have in my 35 gallon.

    I would suggest Angels, I personally love them, they float in the middle of the tank and make beautiful points of focus for your tank. Their pretty hardy. One of mine fell out of the tank and on an electrical cord, and sat there for a few minutes before we picked him up and realized he was still alive. I’d also get a few Silver Dollar fish, their pretty schooling fish. Annd if my budget allowed it, I’d get a black ghost knife fish. They are amazing. If you get two males they’ll chase each other around the tank, it looks really pretty. Though it might not be that nice to the fish. But their really pretty. Expensive, 22$ a fish. If I couldn’t get it though, I’d just get a regular ghost knife fish. Their really pretty.

  • Britney:

    well, first off make sure you dont over stock. one inch of fish to every gallon.

    seccond, mollys and sword tails are very pretty and are hardy fish, great for beginners.
    did you ever think of adding fresh water invertebrates? i have a couple ghost shrimp they help keep your gravel clean and are really nifty little buggers, theres also freshwater crabs and clams.
    you might also like a bottom feeder to help keep your gravel clean. cory catfish are very pretty and are hardy as well.
    male guppys are also very pretty and hardy.

    and dont put a betta in your tank, he will fin nip, and try to kill any fish that looks like another betta male (been there dont that) but you can have a female betta in your tank, they can be very pretty as well.

    you can pick up a fresh water fish book just about at any petshop or book store. i have 2 that are great and i use them almost every day for reference or for light reading.

    the complete book of the freshwater aquarium by vincent b. hargreaves – great book, tells you what fish are good for what level aquarium keeper you are.

    encylopedia of aquarium and pond fish bydavid alderton- good for information on water conditions, and fish compatibility with other fish.

    i have a sword tail, pleco, ghost shrimp, male guppys, goramis, emerald corys, and a dragon fish. and i also have a male betta above my bed.

    hope this helps


    I am going to show you what a beautiful freshwater fish looks like. One is a Sailfin Molly or even a Australian Rainbow fish. Any of these would suit me just fine.

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