Q&A: Easily bred fish types for beginners?

Question by Alyak: Easily bred fish types for beginners?
Ok, so I have had molly fry and I still have the breeders and food. I want to breed, but actually rear some fish to maturity. I know about guppies, swordtails, mollies, and killifish. Any you recommend of these or more would be helpful.

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Answer by Gerbil Lover
Guppies are easy to breed and females can produce about 20-50 fry per drop. They fry are fairly easy to care for. Just feed them 2-3 times a day, keep their tank clean, and keep the temp. around 78-80 degrees.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Easily bred fish types for beginners?”

  • rick40402003:

    Hi start with the guppies ,after that move on good luck

  • Kathy E.:

    i would try cichlids. and after that bettas, very hard to raise to maturity but well worth it.

  • peter tran:

    livebearerers such as swordtails, guppies and mollies are easy to breed. convict cichlids are easy as well because the parents take care of the fry for you. most cichlids are easy to breed but wil take longer to bond and become a pair and breed. but a convict cichlid will accept any male or female when they are put together and may breed in the next 3 days! bettas and gouramis are easy to breed but the fry are hard to raise as they need microscopic foods such as infusoria. i think you should get a pair of convicts as they will breed very fast. they are also hardy and very caring of their fry.

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