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Question by fish lover: Is my tank OVERSTOCKED?
I have a 40 gallon breeder(which if u dont know has a bigger surface area than a 55 gallon). I have these fish
-angelfish(Large)6 inches
-rainbow shark(3 1/2)
-golden killiefish(3 inches)
-5 tetras(1 – 1 1/2 inches)
-3 zebra danios(1 1/2 inches)
– 2 red lilly bulb plants
-and plenty of fake plants
-2 slate rock caves
-1 (med) driftwood cave
-1 penguin 200 biowheel, and a whisper 20 gallon for filtration
– 2 (150 w) heaters(adjustable)
sorry about the list!:)

Is this to much? and also can a german ram fit into the picture?
not trying to make a big deal but a 40 breeder does have a bigger surface area!:)

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Answer by Graham R
thats not over stocked with that style tank and i think the ram is fine

i’m just waiting for the d/a that states the one inch b/s

“Jam” it is true that a 40 gallon “breed” more surface area then a “Standard” 55……but 40 gallons are not near as deep as a 55 gallon

here are the measurements and surface areas of each

55 gallon Standard 48″ x 13″ x 21″ surface area 624in^2
40 gallon breeder 36″ x 18″ x 16″ surface area 648in^2

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Do i have to many fish?

Question by fish lover: Do i have to many fish?
angel fish(med), rainbow shark(small), killiefish(small),5 jumbo neon tetras, 3 danios, keyhole dwarf cichlid
6 live plants
40 gallon breeder!
my angel is 6 inches tall and 3-4 inches long! i have never had a problem with any fish! it may be a bad combo but that does not mean that it will always fail!(i mean cats and dogs dont get along but i got a pitbull and 2 cats) :)
i NEVER said i was a breeder!(wtf) I said my tank is a 40 gallon breeder! shows how much you pay attention! and by the way if you dont know what a 40 breeder is it is (3 feet x 18 x 18)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by bluerose1565
No you don’t have too many but i would not recommend very many more

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I bought a fish and this is what happens???? i need help?

Question by Tony: I bought a fish and this is what happens???? i need help?
Well I bought this guppy and it was .99 and it was in a tank with other guppies but they do not have a tag to where how much it was but it had a tag to killiefish for .99 and i went to the cashier and i paid for it and when i went home I was like wow i payed this much for just one fish??? so i looked in my receipt and it said killiefish???? I was shocked…The lady wrote in the wrong numbers for the cashier to type in and this guppy has died so what can i do??? if i bring it back and they said that this is not the killiefish its a guppy??? and what am i suppose to do?

sorry i may not make sense but hope you guys get what im trying to say and please no rude comments.

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Answer by George Guy
first of all TONNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! second of all fight them

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do i have enough room to add more fish?

Question by matt G: do i have enough room to add more fish?
i have a 65gal aquarium 48x19x18inches
in it is:
6 cardinal tetras
2 guppies
2 zebra danios
6 whitecloud mountain minnows
6 skunk cories
2 five band killiefish (male and female)

the tank is moderatley planted.

i would like to add more fish particularly a centrepeice fish i was thinking:
4 pearl gouramis or
2 opaline gouramis

would i have enough room and what centerpeice type fish would you put in?

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Answer by cal1112333
1gallon will support 1″ of fish, you have roughly 24.3″ of fish you can almost triple your population before you worry about crowding.
and gouramis get to be about 3-5″ so even after them you can more than double the population

as far as a centerpiece, id get 2 kissing gouramis not big but theyll, well… kiss its fun to watch.

But your already going with schoolers and you wont really need a centerpiece fish Id go with some invertebrates (look forsome rare shrimp they are AWESOME!

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How to raise killiefish eggs ?

Question by Joe Bob: How to raise killiefish eggs ?

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Answer by Rick
Start here:

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