About us

Our business of killifish farm is concerning export of various killifish and killifish eggs. We have our own farm located nearly Bangkok in Thailand and an area of approximately 10,000 sqm. fully equipped with modern hatchery and quarantine system which running by our experienced fisheries biologist and expert.
fairy shrimp tank

The quality of our products is therefore always kept up to high standard in order to emphasize our strategy ” quarantine before deliver to the customer “.  All killifish and killifish eggs quality is standardized to both international and the Thai Department of Fisheries regulation.

killifish tank

We are so proud to say that we have expertise of this field. Our philosophy is to trade the high quality of killifish and killifish eggs. under high quality management of standard organization.

fairy shrimp test room
If you are searching for the alternative supplier, we are just the supplier that you have been waiting for. We are whole-heartedly happy to deal business with you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Finally, our Farm extremely hopes that this web site would be beneficial for any guest. If any comments or problems, please contact us with “contact us” menu. We accept to develop and forge ahead.