Q&A: Why are my rummynose tetras shy and hiding after weeks of shoaling and playing?

Question by Blackie: Why are my rummynose tetras shy and hiding after weeks of shoaling and playing?
I’ve had a rummynose for a few months now and added 3 (total = 4) they were all playful and shoaling and didn’t mind the group of cardinals and norman’s lampeye killies (which are all doing fine) but for some reason they’ve all lost their red nose and are huddled and shaking in a driftwood cave. What could have caused this? They were like this all morning and even after I removed one of my dying cardinals.

Maybe I’ve been sticking my hand in the tank too often to clean and rearrange plants?

Should I add one more rummynose? I really don’t have room in my tank as it is (10 gallon, 13 fish but majority are juvenile cardinals and 4 rummynose)

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Answer by Jason Kilander
They could be breeding or they might be sick check for parasites and fungal infections also check your chemical levels (alkalinity,ph,ammonia,etc. Also do not move stuff around in there tank they get comfortable in their environment and you move stuff around and you stress them out once in awhile its ok but not all the time keep your hands out

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Green Spotted Puffer Disease?

Question by beafcake: Green Spotted Puffer Disease?
I purchased a Green spotted puffer about 2 years ago now, he was doing great along side a scat, and a couple killies. However recently he has been getting white splotches on sides, and tonight i noticed his side are sunken in and I fear i will lose him throughout the night. He was by far my favorite fish because of his great personality. I am sure I will replace him in time though he will always be remembered. I just feel like i need to know what this is in remembrancer of him and for future advice, I will post a link to his picture as soon as possible. Any help will be great.

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Answer by JoWasting disease, pox or a fungus…that is all I can think it could be based on your description.

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Do these sea creatures go well together? or will they get smoked?

Question by Gabrielle: Do these sea creatures go well together? or will they get smoked?
I’m thinking of getting a fish tank, therefore, I am scouting my options, finding which sorts of fish appeal to me. I have chosen several types and because of my inherent lack of experience, I was wondering if someone with considerable knowledge on the subject could help me out.
The breeds I chose are the following:
~ crabs
~ corydoras catfish
~kribensis cichlid
~ jack dempsey cichlid
~white cloud mountain minnows
~three stripe cory

Would these choices work in an eight gallon tank?

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Answer by Jacob VirginiaNOOOOO lol. wayyy to many fish for an 8 gallon you would need at least a 50 gallon and then you still may have problems with agression. Also because that would stunt the fishes growth and slowly kill them

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Help camallanus worms!?

Question by TM: Help camallanus worms!?
Has anyone successfully treated camallanus worms? My big tank is infected and I already lost one fish. I would like to know what product works best. I have a 55 gallon tank with Rainbows, Barbs, Killies, Danios, and Corys. I have another tank I can move the Corys while I’m treating if necessary since I know they’re sensitive. Any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks! I tried it and on the first dose I got rid of a lot of worms. Everyone seems to have perked up too.

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Answer by Darwin AhoyFenbendazole. You can get it from a vet. It’s also under the name Panacur. It’s sold for dogs, and you can sometimes get it OTC for horses. The dosage and treatment on one site was:

“Dissolve 3CC of powdered Fenbendazole in 100ml of water.
Mix well, then add as many bloodworms as you need to feed your […] Continue Reading…

Tips for fluking on NJ party boats.?

Question by NewYorkSports: Tips for fluking on NJ party boats.?
I was wondering what kind of wind directions, temperatures, and tides do you want to look for to find the best day to go out? Also what is the best part of the boat? What are the best techniques for catching fish and making sure you on the bottom? And what is the best bait (live killies, spearing, or squid)?

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Answer by kbhiltsleyThat’s a lot of questions for a short course on NJ partyboat fluking.

Leave the wind, temp and tides up to the Captain. He’ll know where to go under various conditions.

Depending on how the Captain normally positions the boat for the drift, position can be ralative. I generally like the bow position, as it usually gives the most freedom of movement, and least chance of a hang-up and crossed lines.

The Captain or mates will generally advise you […] Continue Reading…